Welcome School Volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in helping students in Metro Nashville Public Schools! There are three ways to register:

Individual Volunteer: Click the Volunteer Sign Up tab to complete a short sign-up form. This will create your individual account where you will then be able to track your volunteer hours. 

NOTE: If you will be reporting hours for other individuals in addition to yourself, please see the Group Coordinator section below.

Group Coordinator: This role is for someone who will be reporting the hours for a group of volunteers from a business, university, faith community or other organization. Click the Group Coordinator Sign Up tab and choose the group you will be reporting for.

School Leader: This role is only for MNPS principals or school staff who serve as the volunteer coordinator at their schools. Click the School Leader Sign Up tab to register. After your application is approved by PENCIL (usually a quick turn-around), you'll be able to post volunteer opportunities, log the hours provided by your volunteers, or produce reports on volunteer impact.

Please remember to report all volunteer hours. This is very important because this site is used by schools and the school district to tally the incredible impact of Nashville community resources helping Metro Nashville Public Schools.